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Current Research

Below are the current projects in the lab along with contact information for the people on the projects.

Lab Staff

  • Brian Taylor: brtaylor (at)
  • Chris Regan: rega0051 (at)


Infrastructure Projects

Projects to build and improve the UAV Laboratories world class research infrastructure and enable our high quality research.

Upgraded Flight Control System (Goldy FCS 2.0)

Design and prototype the next generation of low cost, open source, flight control systems.


  • John Jackson: jacks974 (at)
  • Alec Forsman: forsm054 (at)
  • Connor Mundt: mundt043 (at)
  • Philip Hanson: hans4378 (at)
  • Garin Marlow: marl0071 (at)

Air Data System Design and Characterization

Research, develop, and characterize an air-data system for use in all lab aircraft.

  • Jordan Larson: lars3319 (at)

Wind Tunnel Testing

Develop methods for testing and analyzing aerodynamic models in the AEM Wind Tunnel.

  • Adria Serra Moral: serra047 (at)
  • Matthew Skelton: skelt055 (at)

Research Projects

Ground breaking research to make future aircraft safer and more fuel efficient.

Advanced Navigation, Filtering, and Estimation

Develop and validate navigation methods using non-traditional sources, enhance attitude determination and position accuracy, explore co-operative navigation, filtering, and estimation.


  • Hamid Mokhtarzadeh: mokh0006 (at)
  • Leonardo Le: lexxx123 (at)
  • Trevor Layh: layhx001 (at)
  • Joel Krause: kraus559 (at)

Modeling and Control of Flexible Aircraft

Research to improve modeling, sensor selection, and control for highly flexible aircraft, which may dramatically improve fuel burn of future aircraft.

Associated URLs:


  • Harald Pfifer: hpfifer (at)
  • Bela Takarics: btakaric (at)
  • Claudia Moreno: moren148 (at)
  • Aditya Kotikalpudi: kotik001 (at)
  • Abhineet Gupta: gupta165 (at)
  • Parul Singh: singh461 (at)
  • Adria Serra Moral: serra047 (at)

Safety Critical Systems

Investigate model and data based fault detection and identification methods, examine robustness and error bounds, and develop analysis tools such as fault trees and failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA).

Associated URLs:


  • Raghu Venkataraman: venka085 (at)
  • Jordan Larson: lars3319 (at)
  • Bin Hu: huxxx221 (at)
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