2021 UAS HQs Workshop

The UAS Handling Qualities Workshop

Lessons Learned from Flight Test

Friday, January 29, 2021

10am – 1:30pm Eastern

Chair: David Klyde, Systems Technology, Inc.

Co-Chair: Philip Chase Schulze, Systems Technology, Inc.


10:00 EST: “Lessons Learned from the sUAS MTE Development Process”, David Klyde, Systems Technology, Inc.

10:20: “US Navy Lessons Learned in Development and Certification of UAVs”, Matt Rhinehart, Naval Air Systems Command

10:40: “Determining Aircraft Moments of Inertia from Flight Test Data”, Eugene A. Morelli, NASA Langley Research Center

11:00: “The Technical Warfighter: Single Person Management of Every Flight Test Step, from Idea to Operational Deployment”, MAJ Matthew Illowsky, Test Pilot & Program Liaison Officer, Big Safari, Creech AFB

11:20: “Teaching for Now and for the Future, USAF TPS UAS Testing”, Dr. Chris Cotting, U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School

11:40: “Trust as a UAV Handling Quality”, CAPT Aubrey Olson, MQ-9 Pilot, 452 FLTS, Edwards AFB

12:00: “Perfect – the Enemy of the Good Enough or ‘I want my UTM!”, Andy Thurling, NUAIR

12:20: “Guidelines for System Identification of Multirotor Vehicles with Highly Correlated Inputs”, Dr. Tom Berger, U.S. Army Technology Development Directorate

12:40: “UAS Flight Test Training”, William Geyer, U.S. Naval Test Pilot School