2022 UAS HQs Workshop

The UAS Handling Qualities Workshop


Friday, January 28, 2022

10am – 1:30pm Eastern

David Klyde, Systems Technology, Inc.

Chase Schulze, Systems Technology, Inc.
Matt Rhinehart,
Aeromechanics Senior Engineer, NAWCAD


10:00 EST: “Welcome and NAVAIR Program Update, David Klyde, Systems Technology, Inc. & Matt Rhinehart, NAWCAD

10:20: “Taking Flight with the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, Jaakko Karras, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

11:00: “Flight Results of Autopilot Gain Tuning for Large Hexacopter Handling Qualities, Dr. John Valasek, Texas A&M University

11:30: “Overview of UAS System Identification, Flight Control, and Handling Qualities Research at TDD, Anthony Gong and Mark Lopez, Army Technology Development Directorate

12:00: “GA-ASI Automatic Takeoff and Landings Systems Overview”, Alex Valencourt, General Atomics-Aeronautical Systems Inc

12:30: “Toward a UAS Handling Qualities Specification: Development of UAS-Specific MTEs”, Dr. Christy Ivler and Kate Russell, University of Portland

1:00: “Update on AeroVironment HAPS Flight Testing of Sunglider”, Derek Lisoski and Brian Danowsky, AeroVironment